Thursday, February 3, 2011


The last few days I was painting a mural at Commercial St. and Buitenkant.
Thanks for all the thumbs up or down and the drinks, the energy-one from the bookshop guy and the sherry out of plastic-bottle from the guy who «owns» the streetcorner. he got mad at me at first for making his place look nicer, because then it's harder to get money, then he complained that I've painted a lion and not a tiger and in the end he told me that he actualy was born a lion but now he's a tiger and that he loves what I did. A lot of people asked if it was for an advertising, or if a new place is going to open up. Some really liked the idea of a mural, a art piece in the city. Without any commercial intention. 

Thanks so much to Ricky for making this happening!! Pro Helvetia for the material support and african acces for the craines and the super technical support. These were great days! Bigup to Jonx for the nice pictures!

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