Sunday, January 9, 2011


If I'd knew earlier in my life about the job Michelle is doing ... I probably would not be doing what I do now. She's feeding the sharks in this huge aquarium!!! So amazing! It's close to beeing a professional mearmaid, which was my dream job as a teenager. 
Thanks a thousand to Elad who invited us there and organized that we got all this background informations and see the tanks vrom the backside and the frog breeding rooms etc. During the feeding I was so amazed that I forgot to take pictures.... The sharks are huge and there was a beautiful turtle. Check on the blog of the we are visual boys for more fotos. I think it's def. worth to visit the aquarium if you're in Cape Town. Also because they seem very ecologicaly concious and try to preserve fishraces and rescue injured animals. Apropos injury... just for the record and Marc.... the fistsized brusie I got of certain peoples bucky driving skills. bucky gone down. ..... jaaaa jaa

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