Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Umnati took us to visit Guguletu, the township where his home is. It was a very intence experience. We had lunch at a butchers restaurant. The preparation of the meat was very good. The place simple and nice. The other guests all dressed up nicely and well fed. We were the only white people. And we were a table of ca. 10 which drew a lot of looks. I felt, even though we've been invited by locals, as if we were invading. Even now writing this text, sitting in my spacous studio at my mac book, beeing invited as artist in residence, having all this opportunities.... and seeing people living in houses where the windows are fixed with cardboard, in the backyard the water is standing, green and full of trash. People deal with rats, H.I.V. and drugs. Lack of education and jobs. It does not feel right at all and brings up alot of thinking.

These pictures are of the cultural centre Umnati and his friends run. The fish you see is drying to be sold.

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