Friday, January 7, 2011


a list of things done so far....

 wake up in summer
 getting used to the fast change from heat to cold and wind
 have a drive around and out of Capetown with Brent and Winnie

 setting up my room
 check out Lion's Head and Longstreet with Marc and Felix
 draw first impressions
 put out the light when the muezzin chants at 4am

 meet Elad the Landlord 
 get an intresting breifing on Woodstock Industrial Centre history 
 research on Capetown traditions, myth and sagas
 have dinner at Jean's beautiful studio with Brent, Felix and Marc

 make some drawings and do some officework 
 take a first breathtaking swim
 braai (barbeque) on the beach with Marcii, Jean and many others

▲ wake up at seven to go to the beach with Felix, Jean and Marc
 not get sunburned
▲ get paper, markers and groceries
 snook-braai on the veranda with Eloise and the boiz

▲ bodysurf on the back (for the first time ever!)
▲ stay in the icecold sea for more than five minutes
▲ play the «who-gets-the-stick» game Jean, Felix, Marc, me vs a german sheppard dog
▲ dam a creek and dig a pool
▲ make a tag outof beachthings
 setting up my studio
▲ only get around by car and never walk the streets alone at night
 paint backpiece on jeansjacket

 get brushes, fruits and a lion-plastic-mask
 have a walk around the block during the day
 check out fabric stores for traditional batik and canvas▲ have a falavel with Winnie and Brent
 set up objects for the first «okultika» foto made in CT

Lion's Head viewpoint

grasshopper perspective

where the fire was...

same food at Longstreet CT as at Langstrasse ZH

my room sleepy side

the view from my room

I like the muezzin chants every few hours

early morning cave-men at the beach

icecold turquoise with olive shimmering seaweed


snook-braai with potatoes and selfmade apricot-compott

purple nacre with sharp stones

beachthings 2011

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