Friday, January 28, 2011


First thing this morning, Ricky and I went to get paint! yea! 
black, gold, fluorescent red, mint, turquoise, blue, skyblue, fever red, sun yellow, fluorescent yellow, white... 
Then I went to finish the circle of white for my woodstock peacock and got invited by the landlady Azeeza to have a roti and a cool drink. And the kids made me a whole stack of drawings while I was painting.

In the evening we got invited to Jaspers house and a superdelicios dinner. He invited all the pro helvetia artist in residence and their coaches to such good food and conversation and dalmatian patting! 

Afterwards my friends Marcii & Adel (who's birthday it was) organized a Nightmarket where I had the honor to dj. These fotos I found on Adam Kent Wiest's fb... how beautiful they are!!
Check out the webpage of the market.

and then Remy Gold and I went for some more djing for Rickys sisters birthday!  
the hangover was B.A.D. but worth it! :)

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