Thursday, January 13, 2011


I did my first work in my huge studio at the Woodstock Industrail Centre. It's an amazing to have somuch room! It took me few days of just sitting in it enjoying the spacousness and the view on the church!

For the «Guten Tag» show I made the 3rd piece of my serie «MY HEART SO WHITE», inspired by the book of the same name written by Javier Mariaz. 

White represents naivity. The heart emotion. In this serie it's about the naivity of the individual getting hard-pressed by reality. The burned and and cut mearmaid is symbolic for repression of races, myth and tradition. The light colourd cow represents capitalism. For the people convinced of the constant grow and profit maximisation. 

I verymuch like to listen to audiobooks while working. When I have a good one to listen to I can keep on working for hours. While working on «Mein Herz So Weiss» I found this great audiobook based on the movie «The Golden Compass» on youtube. The link is attached beneith. 

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